Who are One Life customers

  • Private individuals who would like to ensure that appearance (both physical and digital) and professional image will provide more chances in their private and professional lives
  • Executives who have to create their own professional imprint, which is true to their personality
  • Leaders and managers who have to appear confident, authentic, professional irrespective of their natural abilities
  • Professionals who are at transition of their career and would like to ensure that their image is refreshed, authentic, energetic .

You deserve the chance the pass the “seven seconds”

According to research you have 7 seconds to leave a good first impression. And we have one chance only to give a good first impression. It is hard, often impossible to restore a lost chance.Our environment evaluate us on what they see, what they hear and what they feel. It also has to do with animal instinct and the basic law of our existence. We are naturally attracted to those specimens that look fit and healthy. Fit and energetic people are pre-judged positively.You might be an amazing person, but you won’t make a good first impression if you don’t have an appearance to match your personality.Many people think of their appearance solely as their attire. I believe that our image and what makes a first impression is more than a dress, hairstyle only. You can make up for a lot of aspects by choosing a nice outfit and feel more confident as a result, but your energy level and vitality cant lie. Your skin, the spark in your eyes can not be different than who you are. Your appearance consists of your physical fitness, the vitality in your eyes, your positive energy and your body language in addition to your grooming and your attire. When we talk about your image and appearance, we need to look at your entire resource house! Your nutrition, physical activity, ability and ways to relax and recharge your batteries, your focus and your development. (see more under Executive Resource House). Your appearance can be an extremely powerful way to send messages about you and this is something which you can actually control and improve. Your aspiration is to be a CEO in some years, start looking like one today! If you want to find a new job or new partner, lets start getting the best image of you. You worked hard to achieve all you have done so far.  Make your first impressions the best ones.

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