IMG_4437-revised black and whiteYou only have a few seconds to project a positive image when you first meet someone. Within just 7 seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated. People appraise your visual and behavioral appearance, your clothing, your style, mannerism, gestures.

YOU are your most important visual asset and your presentation is not a neutral factor in life. It contributes either positively or negatively to your progress in your personal life, your career.

This is why it is worth investing in your appearance. Perception is what people believe in. What they perceive is based first and foremost on what they see, secondly, what they hear, and lastly, what they think. Your first impression conveys an important message – who you are and what is import for you.

If you want to make the next step, you have to look, behave, communicate consistently with your future potential and project your future image.

The bottom line is that every person, every professional only has one chance to make a strong, consistent and credible first impression.

All above images are set for 7 seconds!