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We are born to move!

For the 1st 5 million years or more of hominid history, our ancestors lived in hunting and gathering societies.  Only in the last 10,000-12,000 years have other types of societies evolved.

Our ancestors have been moving 12 -20 km a day on average, gathering and hunting, hardly any time have been spent on sitting.

Today, the picture is quite different!  In modern societies, we mostly use our mind and brain to work with. Many of us almost forget that we have a body and our mind and brain effectiveness is highly co-related with the status and health of our body.

A fit mind cannot be fit without a fit body and vice versa, a fit body cannot be fit without a fit mind.

Numerous medical doctors and spiritual leaders have demonstrated and taught about the mind-body connection.


Successful chess players have known this for decades.

We have many examples of high achievers who believe(d) in the power of physical fitness, nutrition and its impact on their mental performance.  Here are some examples we can follow:

  • Kasparov: trained like a boxer before each chess game.
  • Bobby Fischer: Before and during the match, Fischer paid special attention to his physical training and fitness. He had developed his tennis skills to a good level, and played frequently during off-days in Reykjavík. He also had arranged for exclusive use of his hotel’s swimming pool during specified hours, and swam for extended periods, usually late at night.
  • Magnus Carlsen: the current highest rated player in the world, participates in soccer, tennis, runs on a treadmill and does other exercises too to keep in good physical shape. He strongly believes that the choice of food matters “for maintaining your level of concentration”.  Carlsen thinks  he needs long-lasting energy and he also avoids artificial sugars.


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You can lose weight from mental fatigue

In world championships chess players do pass out from the stress or from fatigue.  Some players lose 11 lbs. (5 kg) during their match from the stress and the physical work-outs between games. Compare this to about 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg) of lost weight from a champion runner after running a marathon.