Focus, Filter & Organize

The power of habits and how you can change and move this to your benefit to create a positive routine:

Physical activity

Stand up when you read this – how standing up can contribute to your well being.

Harvard Business Review: Sitting is the smoking our our generation.

John Ratey: Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain.


Should you wish to count your calories:

Ability to relax

Leslie A Perlow: Sleeping with your smart phone. How to break the 24/7 habit and change the way we work.


Denise Park: Making working memory work. The impact of sustained engagement on cognitive function.


Bell, Catherine Graham. Managing your image potential: Creating good impressions in business. (Chapter headings are available at:

Bassil, James. presents the style bible: The 11 rules for building a complete and timeless wardrobe. Collins, 2007.