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Reviewed By Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

Elements of stress are all around us, affecting our mind, body, soul and spirit. It is inevitable that stress will impact our lives at one time or another. Some people are able to work through it and others dip into a deep depression. Stress Free Working: 88 Lessons and Inspirations From Historical Leaders by Gabriella Kindert provides us with tools and resources from great world leaders in history, business, sports and politics in how they dealt with stress in their lives. Marcus Aurelius and Alexander the Great had similar approaches to stress by incorporating self-love, living in the moment, and building self-confidence. What we say to ourselves prior to a stressful situation helps us to combat stressful times. President Obama and Angela Merkel had similar stress releasers in not living in fear and in your emotions but dealing with life from the point of facts and business.

Stress Free Working: 88 Lessons and Inspirations From Historical Leaders by Gabriella Kindert is a good read. The leaders and industries chosen display an example of diversity in working in stressful situations. Several of these leaders chosen are those that I highly respect and had some knowledge about them as leaders; to learn more information as to how they dealt with and/or minimized stressful issues made them more human to me. I loved how Gabriella also gave us examples of how Serena Williams, Bill Gates, Milton Hershey and Coco Chanel dealt with everyday life challenges as well. If you are looking for some human element in how to deal effectively with stress, getting a copy of Stress Free Working: 88 Lessons and Inspirations From Historical Leaders by Gabriella Kindert is a great choice.

Key messages


  • You will learn how to recognize and cope with stress, and how get inspirations to achieve more personal and professional success in life.

  • Decisions are not only the results of our knowledge, intelligence and the available information, but also the way how we feel and how our spirit is.

  • We need to take the time to find out and listen seriously to signals of our body, guts, intuition and mind.

  • Being aware of our own abilities, we can avoid the attitude that we are forced to do to something, but instead we can accept it as our own decision.

  • Changeable processes for improving our ability to control our mind are: perception, memory, learning, motivation, way of thinking, decision making, etc.

  • Sometimes you just need to relax and let life surprise you.

  • Self-confidence carries a certain ability to influence others.

  • Being confident primarily means respecting yourself as a person.

  • Dealing with fear is one of the most difficult challenges in life.

  • If we refer to ourselves negatively and think of ourselves badly, that may eventually lead to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

  • Try to simplify all things in life, including business.

  • Healthy self-criticism is necessary in order for each of us to change our own behaviour or goals we want to achieve.