I established One Life to help my executive to ensure that their appearance will provide them the best possible chances in life and create their own professional imprint, which is true to their personality.

I helped many executives to be “their best”.

Style and fashion have always been my passion. Our appearance however is not only our clothing style. Our vitality and energy level are based on a broader framework which I refer to as Executive Resource House.

I learned this with my own example. My own life transformed 7 years ago when I completely changed my nutrition and lifestyle. I realized the great impact it had on my energy, ability to control my weight, efficiency and thinking process. As a busy executive, mother and wife, I lived in the world of competing demands and expectations. I discovered the power of nutrition, focus and highly efficient training routines and methods to relax and recharge quickly.

Developing an impeccable style image combined with vitality, energy level and focus are the key pillars of what I believe in and provide a very powerful framework to achieve more success in life.

In the last years, I helped  many executives to improve their appearance and vitality in order to make a difference in crucial moments in their life.

I decided to share my beliefs with you, and I look forward to helping anybody who wants to commit time, efforts and energy to improve her/his executive appearance and performance and excel further.