“The Busy Executive Diet”



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5 Start review from Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ FavoriteThe Busy Executive Diet is a nonfiction health and fitness guide written by Gabriella Kindert. The author is a busy executive herself and found that she was able to change her approach to food and nutrition in ways that did not interfere with her responsibilities and commitments as an executive. She acknowledges the extra stress executives may labor under, both as a result of their increased responsibilities as well as the unspoken societal pressure to look polished, professional and fit. Kindert was familiar with the endless cycles of dieting and regaining hard-lost weight, and she researched the subject thoroughly in her desire to understand how to obtain optimum fitness. Her book covers nutritional information as well as advice on how to incorporate exercise and stress-relieving methods into a busy executive’s day. Each chapter includes footnotes for those who’d like to continue researching her subject matter.Gabriella Kindert’s nonfiction health and fitness book, The Busy Executive Diet, is not a diet book, and she’s quite adamant at making that point clear. What she’s offering to motivated readers is a sensible and eminently doable way to lose weight through eating natural, unprocessed foods, and she shows how you can make such changes a permanent fixture in your dietary regime relatively painlessly. I was most impressed with the scope and depth of the information presented in this book, and the footnotes she includes were very helpful indeed. While not an executive at present, I have been one in the past and appreciated the pressures she discusses as well as the ways she presents to make the inevitable meals out and relentlessly busy schedules less debilitating to one’s health. While the author has geared this book towards executives, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has weight, stress or health issues and has the desire to feel and look their best. The Busy Executive Diet is highly recommended.

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– What you will learn in reading the book- how your life will change after reading my book- Prosper B&B: The methodology I use to ensure you will not forget what to in spite of your busy lifestyle