The power of numbers

Freely spoken, the power of numbers is known for millenniums.

By studying the numbers, numerologists came up with countless mathematical principles that are linked not only with astrology, but also with the person’s character and destiny. Over the centuries, the numbers were seen in different cultures as very lucky or very unfavorable.

I structured my new book, “LESS STRESS 88 best practices and inspirations from historical leaders”  around the magic number of 8.  To bring the reader the magic equilibrium!

Stress became one of the biggest problems of our society. Everybody is under a lot of stress to perform, respond, be on time, meet never ending competing demands and expectations. This book gives you many practical advices and inspirations on how to fight stress.

What is numerology?

Numerology is the discipline that goes far back into the past; some say that myths linked to numbers exist for over a million years. No one knows the exact time when it was established as science in human society, but it is assumed that its origins date back to the time of ancient Egypt, Greece, China and India.

The” father” of numerology as we know it today is considered to be the famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras (569-470 BC). He claimed that the entire universe is built on the numbers, and that the fate and character of any human is the product of precise “laws” of the universe and that “All natural phenomena can be expressed in mathematical formula'”.

“Pythagorean method” still is the one of the most abundant when we talk about numerology through science aspect. Over time, a number of other methods have been developed, so we nowadays know the Kabalistic approach to numerology, karmic approach linked with numbers, but even a handful of techniques to determine the person’s lucky number, the number of birth and the like. Pythagoras as a mystic had a big influence on Plato (a philosopher and mathematician in Classical Greece, who was the initiator of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of upper education in the Western world), and Aristotle (Greek philosopher and scientist) but also on modern approaches to numerology. The basic idea is that the Pythagorean learning of the secret of the Universe can be only grasped by numbers and forms. Pythagoras philosophy is based on the fact that the main role of numbers and knowledge of mathematics is the key of knowledge of the universe and the world.

Each planet has it own number

Each planet in astrology has its own name and its own number in numerology.

  • Sun as No. 1
  • The Moon as No. 2,
  • Jupiter as No. 3,
  • Neptune as No. 4,
  • Mercury as No. 5,
  • Venus as No. 6,
  • Uranus as No. 7,
  • Saturn as No. 8
  • Mars as No. 9

Plato interpreted the symbolism of numbers as the highest level of cosmic knowledge and inner harmony.

Chinese believe that when we really understand numbers we will be able to achieve the divine truths and through the science of numbers we can understand macro and microcosmic harmony, and to achieve conformity with the laws in nature.

The essence of numerology is based on the cycles of nature and time, you can examine past, present and future with numbers, and because the numbers are all around us, in our body, in our genetic code, even in our blood groups,  and all internal processes. The symbolism of numbers is as old as human, and the numbers follow him through life. Thanks for these data, numerology has been used successfully for exposing human qualities, talents, and predisposition. Based on them, it is possible to determine the character of the individual, his preferences and traits that adorn him or her, and give us the ability to predict important life events.


Eight – a sign of prosperity, happiness and wealth

All numbers in numerology have their positive and negative traits, and their “vibration” energy can help us understand the universe in which we live. Each number helps us gain a deeper insight into our habits, spiritual challenges and personal qualities.

In numerology, numbers 1, 4 and 8 are associated with the person’s will. The numbers 2, 5 and 7 refer to the wisdom, whereas the 3, 6 and 9 are connected to the affection.

The most mysterious of all those numbers is the number 8.

Number 8 is associated with Saturn, the planet which moves very slowly, so numerologists link all events which will happen and that are influenced by the number 8 to take a slower course.

Saturn is also identified as the Planet of Destiny, In Astro -Gemology Saturn symbolizes blue sapphire. Numerology believes that jewels and stones can enormously affect the way you feel and that carrying specific stone even can change your mood. For example, diamond is present as number 8 in stones. From all stones, diamonds are the famous one because probably, “nobody will be aware that you’re engaged if you don’t have a diamond ring”. Maybe its secret lies in its correlation with the number 8.

According to the ancient meaning of numbers the number eight represents two worlds: material and spiritual. “Eight “is a Magic Digit even in modern Physics because the most stable nuclei contain a magic number of nucleons – that is number 8. When numerologist’s link No. 8 with a health condition it’s connected with issues with bone system, and parts of which 8-browsing controls are: the hips, thighs, knees, rarely backside. Eight by itself carries no complicated disease, but its standard type, such as rheumatism, sciatica (rare) and only rarely milder form of osteoporosis.

In Eastern culture the number eight is a sign of prosperity, happiness and wealth.

It is considered to be a very lucky number and they try to use it as much as possible in everyday life. In China, people believe that the best number for the house is No. 8, because it symbolizes financially well-being, every house number should be reduced to a single digit (by partition and summing up on each number  until you got a single digit).

It is still very common in China if you want to have a lucky number 8 in the number of your mobile phone or on the license tables, this service will be charged separately, and households and businesses that have the number 8 in their address are considered to be particularly happy.

Just remember the Beijing Olympic Games which were held on 8. 8. 2008 at exactly 8:08. Coincidence?

I think not, because the Chinese considered number 8 the happiest number that exists.

Number eight is associated with the Earth element, mixing in itself the idea of stability, commitment and modesty. All numbers that Code contains eight – 18, 28, 38 … and especially 88, according to Chinese beliefs are also happy numbers. Eight is the number of cosmic equilibrium, and if you look careful on a wheel you may notice that is often linked with 8 spokes. Number 8 is often attributed to magical activity, because it is composed of two circles or rings and thus contains twice the magical power of these symbols.

Double letter “O “has the same effect as number 8.  Do you still think that thenames “Google” or “Yahoo” are given accidentally? The number 8 is especially advantageous number because its shape has the shape of infinity, and the form of the female figure as well.

Eight – a sign of balance in life

It symbolizes the incoming wealth! Number 8 symbolizes immortality! Number 8 is a sign of balance in life.

For the Ancient Greeks, the number 8 was dedicated to Dyonisios, which by the myth was born in the eighth month of the year. Dionysus was primarily known as the God of the Vine. He was the son of Zeus and he was the last god to enter Olympus.

Also it’s believed that The Tower of Belus in Babylon is made of eight square towers3. It was a square tower, built in the form of a pyramid; each side of eight four-sided figure towers, built one above another and gradually decreasing in size which would became parts of the temple of Belus. The story of the Tower of Babel links the confusion of tongues: variation in human language, when God interfered to stop them of building a way to heaven.GK_Blogpic1

Numbers and destiny

Numerologists believe that if you even change your name and use nickname may influence on your destiny because it changes your rate of vibration. They believe that the center or motivating power is initiated on your date of birth. The individual digits of the month, day and year represent the ions or positively emotional units of power in the center of the atom, while the addition of these number values shows the force which is seeking to find expression – the inner urge which will paint your entire existence. people whose personal code number  is 8 have a strong will, they  love money, enjoy life, they have some sort of protection, and most of them have the impression that nothing bad can happen to them, but they can be intrusive or materialist.

It seems like they possess some kind of magical powers.

Celebrities with a personal identification number of 8 are:  Lara Flynn Boyle, Courtney Love, Isabelle Adjani, Grace Kelly, Ben Stiller, Bianca Jagger, Enrique Iglesias, Gregory Peck, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, and Olivier Martinez.


May it bring you a cosmic equilibrium, prosperity, happiness and wealth and magical activity in 2016!

Gabriella Kindert