“You have to make choices: family or career, single or married, economics or law studies, art or science –  you cannot have it all”   Have you heard that before?

Please say NO to making choices! You can and you ought to have it all.

This blog is my confession and personal letter to all young women who have a dream of feeling ageless, being cosmopolitan, and sexy; of being rich, educated, married, mothers, career women, and above all very happy.

This is especially written for all the Hungarian women (where I was born and grew up)  to remind  them:  it is possible, it is in you.  You can make it anywhere in the world!

It is not what happens to you and/or where you are born.

It is what you do about it based on your dreams, values, conviction and fighting spirit.

Here are my 7 messages



1. Choose a profession that allows you to make choices.

I was born during Hungary’s communist era,  and by the time I was 19, I spoke no other languages and having an international career seemed very, very far away.

At the same time, I wanted to see the world, study, meet interesting people, and buy the clothes and the car I wanted.

Between the ages of 19-25, I made some very calculated decisions, including embarking on an MBA study in finance so that I could eventually get into a bank in Western Europe.

I wanted to create my own life, one that would allow me the freedom to choose thereafter.

I liked and felt passionate about many things (history, hotel management, the beauty industry, geography, mathematics- just to mention a few), but I chose to become a banker. Not only did I find risk assessment intellectually interesting, it also allowed me to be financially independent. It was a career that allowed me to buy my new convertible, my designer bags and dresses. I could study whatever I wanted, take trips and have free choices in life. It allowed me to do my hobbies, including being a historian.

Choosing a profession that enables you to be financially independent (whenever you want it) is essential, especially at a young age.

Of course, it also takes lots of hard work–there are no free lunches in life.  Today, the profession with the highest earning potential is no longer banking. The world has changed. One thing remains, however: working hard to reach your goals, regardless of the competition.


Conscious Living

2. Looking good after 40 starts at the age 20.

Sometimes I hear others telling me, “it’s so easy for you….you’re skinny.”  Not really. I live very much in the world of rules….. Never and always……

Hear are my rules:

  1. Eat consciously (don’t eat sugar and limit processed food and trans fat). Yes, it will make a serious difference on how you feel, perform and above all, how your skin and hair look.

  2. Never go to sleep before cleaning your face properly.

  3. Never smoke.

  4. Always keep away from having direct sun on your face and use heavy protection crèmes. Sun is the number one cause for aging.

  5. Always allow yourself plenty of pleasure (massage, laughter, dancing, sex – just to mention a few).

  6. Never miss going to the gym at least 3 times a week. It makes a serious difference on your well being. It’s an investment in your future.

  7. Always sleep at least 7 hours/day.

I am writing more about these subjects in my other blogs, if you are interested. When I was 18, I really believed life stops when we are 30.

I have great news for you. I feel now happier over 40 than I ever did at the age of 18.  It’s possible to feel ageless. In fact, you can have the same weight as you did at the age of 18 if you will simply follow these rules and remain disciplined.


Keep learning

3. Be curious. Keep learning new things every day.

Learning should be part of your life EVERY DAY.  It should never end. As long as you are open to learning new things and reinventing yourself, you will radiate energy and power.  In today’s world, things are changing so fast that we need to reinvent ourselves regularly.

I’ve been learning new things all of my life, including learning several languages and enrolling in courses at business schools (IESE, IMD, INSEAD, Nyenrode, CCL).

Learning new things keeps our minds young forever.


Do it yourself

4. Don’t plan on relying financially on a man (husband) in the long run.

Unfortunately, getting married to a rich guy rarely seems to work out in the long term.

Though it might seem like a great short cut to the good life and an excellent option for success, I feel it is not a sustainable strategy for happiness.  I saw many marriages where a woman chose this option, but she was put aside after 10-15 years and/or was being cheated on by her husband.

Dependent women seem to look boring to their husbands! Either intellectually or physically or both.  You don’t want to end up at the age of 40 being put aside and not having financial independence.

You will feel more secure forever if you are in control of your own destiny.  The art is to combine dependence with independence.



5. Learn to organize your life and save time on things that can be done by others.

Learn to be a perfect organizer and don’t be shy to subcontract.

I never clean my house, prepare food, or iron my clothes.  I subcontract these jobs out and save my energy for things that really matter to me.

My life and my approach may sound strange to you…perhaps you even disdain it. It’s most likely against everything your mother taught you (it certainly is against everything my mother taught me). But I decided to make my own choices and not to feel guilty.

I save my time for things that are more intellectual and give me more pleasure in life.


Plan to be a mother

6. Plan to be a mother.

You don’t need to forgo being a mother to have a career–you can have them both! Being a mother is great and has many advantages for you as a woman. Your cells will replace, your hormones will work better, you will be a better manager (yes, you learn how to level with others….).

Plan it and do it. Even if you feel “this is not the ideal moment and not the ideal man.”

There are no ideal moments, and please google how many ideal men are around as a percentage of our population……


I don’t believe that children are the purpose of life, but your life will be enriched, a lot happier and balanced if you choose to have them.

And you will function better as a professional as well.  Being with my children helps to free up my mind. When I’m at home I’m so busy, I have no time to think of work.


Follow passion

7. Commit to the man you feel passionate about.

With financial independence you can have the luxury to choose a relationship from your heart. And if you are good-looking and have an interesting mind, you will have plenty of choices.

You will come across a lot of men in your life. You can have men who you like working with, but you will feel the happiest when you choose the man you feel passionate about.

I believe in the power of nature and chemistry to give you signals. Learn to listen to your heart.

You have a dream”

If you are reading these lines you probably have a dream and want to fulfill it.

I’m writing this because I want to share my own story and make you believe that you can achieve your career dreams without compromising your happiness as a mother and wife. I feel complete in each of those aspects of my life.

Reaching your dreams is possible, no matter where you are and what you do TODAY.   All what matters is you, your dreams and your willingness to make steps forward in multiple dimensions.

Say NO to stagnation and people who keep you back. Reach out for help and prosperity.  Live your choices and dreams.


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