Are you familiar with this feeling:

if something is sweet or salty if you don’t put it in your mouth immediately, you have the feeling that you will die of starvation?! Many people have unbearable cravings immediately after a meal, while others skip breakfast or lunch after which they felt the unbearable hunger and start eating so they not just make up the savings in calories but also put on excess. You may very easily avoid this magical circle of hunger attacks.

These simple tips will help you with avoiding cravings. First what you need to remember is:

Do not let your work, bustling life and stress be excuses for skipping meals. Skipping meals leads only to gaining weight because you will catch up everything with next meal that you will be eating. Basic rule: eat regularly as much as possible, three meals a day and two snacks. So, energy will be evenly distributed throughout the day and cravings will not be able to happen.

What stimulates cravings?

  • Consuming food in a takea way form or eating fast. In such cases signal of satiety often passes unnoticed and our organism seeks for more food.
  • Snacks and sweets between meals. Blood sugar and insulin levels are
    disruptive and the ap
    petite “wakes up”.
  • Starvation. At one moment the blood sugar level will be so low that you will in next moment pounce on chocolate to raise your blood sugar level.


What stops hunger pangs

  • Regular meals provide regular flow of energy. Do not skip breakfast! If you skip it, it is very likely that you will eat a burger and fries a couple of hours later. Skipping breakfast causes hunger pangs just a few hours after waking up, so eat something as soon as you wake up.
  • Eat slowly. Feeling of satiety appears 20 minutes after the first bite. Try to chew to the point that food in your mouth becomes mushy! Since the process of digestion begins in the mouth and not in your gizzard, use your mouth properly. Grind food to the maximum for the simple reasons because valuable nutrients will be better absorbed into the body. Our gizzard is not a crusher; do not let it struggle with food, instead of that let it use the maximum from food.
  • Entering more liquid. The liquid fills the gizzard and regulates the metabolism. Water is crucial for metabolism in the body, as it allows dissolution and subsequent digestion of food in the cells, but also the cleaning of the cell waste. Enter at least 6-8 glasses of water during the day.
  • Without prohibition. When you deny yourself any kind of sweets, sooner or later you will lose control and pounce on them. If you suffer from chocolate addiction, then it is better to allow occasionally yourself a small amount of sweets. Choose chocolate with higher amount of cacao (at least 75%).
Thank you for reading this post.



With a bit of efforts and attention, you can seriously improve your health!

Gabriella Kindert