Let’s get personal here… This is the first time I write about this.

In 2008 I started an experiment to cut out added sugar from my life. No more chocolate, no cakes, (not even birthday cakes….) no biscuits, no processed yogurt and can go on an on. Nothing with added sugar.

In the first weeks, I felt awful. It peaked after 5-6 weeks.

I realised I was experiencing withdrawal syndromes. Sugar is addictive (as I learnt thereafter and I will write a lot more about it in later blogs…).

Realising I was addicted, I wanted to get rid of it.
I wanted to get to the bottom of it and see how life would be without this addiction. After all, it would be very easy to restart I taught. I had no specific goal with this besides being curious.

Before 2008, my nutrition was…..”erratic” to summarize in one single word.

I worked over 10 years for an investment bank, leading a global team, a lot of stress at work, travelling, competing demands, feeling constant food cravings, starving, running to grasp a chocolate or something with carbs……than feeling guilty and as I NEVER wanted to be fat I had to cut back on normal food to compensate…..! Sometimes I had some diets, I was eating those nutrition bars with 200 kcal/piece, or shakes.
Does it sound familiar…? I guess over 95% of executives live and eat like that. Always somewhere between food cravings, starving and diets (to keep your weight) and exercise (if you can afford time wise).

So, what happened with my sugar experiment?

After around 8-10 weeks I started to feel a lot better and thereafter I entered a very different phase of my life. No food cravings, no more diet, no more starving and a higher level of concentration.
What happened? Because I did not eat sugar anymore, I created a calorie buffer. Suddenly, I could afford to eat a lot more food than I had before and with a lot higher nutrition value than before.
This increased my metabolism, energy and concentration. In addition, I could and can eat whatever I want without gaining weight.
Besides energy and weight control, there are a number of other side impacts that can be seen positive for women (like skin, hair and many more I will tell you more about….).

I have not eaten added sugar in the last 7 years and my relationship with food has changed completely and drastically. The stability of my energy is something I have not experienced before. As a side impact, I control my weight without efforts.

Just to illustrate with probably to most visible example.

I had two pregnancies in my life, one was prior to 2008 (in 2007 when my daughter was born) and the other thereafter. The effort in shedding weight after birth was not comparable. It took me 4 (!) weeks to get back my pre-pregnancy weight/shape after giving birth to Edward in 2012. I attribute this 95% to my metabolism and eating well.

Most importantly however, I was really surprised the positive influence I have been experiencing in my energy level and concentration in the post sugar era. I started reading more about it since 2008 and by now I do not only feel it and I can also explain it.

Due to the fact that I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat processed food either. I use and turned on my own “food processing” engine. As a side impact I completely in control of my energy level and weight (as side affect).

Why do I start writing about it?

I was in Madrid, at the IESE conference in October 2014, where I met some friends, who told me the positive impact they also experienced, simply following my philosophy and approach to nutrition. I casually shared my thoughts with them in 2012/2013 when I followed the advanced management program at IESE.  Coming back from Spain, I decided to write down and share my beliefs.
I want to share with you not only the experiment and the feeling, but also giving you some scientific explanation why this happens as I read a lot about it ever since. Cutting added sugar and proceeded food combined with exercise will increase the quality of your life, energy, stability and happiness.
I hope more and more people will start this journey and I want to help you how to survive the first 8 weeks to get here. Help you to “eat normal” no matter how strange it sounds.

I established One Life Organization.

I call it One Life to help you remember of the number of chances you have and remind you to get the most of it.

Our blogs will answer you:
– how to change you nutrition to be in control of your energy and weight
– The inter connectivity between nutrition, exercise and executive performance (brain functioning, concentration and capacity) and how it can be influenced
– Why exercise should help nutrition and vica versa
– Why you will feel and look better (as a side effect) if you eat well
– How to be more conscious of your appearance and image
– And many other subjects I find interesting and helpful as an executive, mother, wife with competing demands and expectations…..

Thank you for reading this.


Gabriella Kindert

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