My reflection on a simple feeling of choice…..
Today I did not feel like going to the gym. Not at all.  I had many different  EXCUSES lined up in my head why I should NOT go.  They all seemed very valid: I felt tired. It was warm. I hadn’t sleep well that night. I’d been there just 2 days ago……

Then somehow my WILLPOWER and commitment managed to take over. I was reminded of my COMMITMENT to go 5 times a week. And it’s not like I had anything else planned for that time slot.
So finally, I drove to the gym and made it just in time to join the body pump class that I like to do.

I’m rarely outspoken about my mood, but today I said to the trainer,  “I really didn’t feel like working out today.”

She replied, “Neither did I.”

Then all other participants in the room joined in, “I didn’t feel like it either… it was really too hot…the weather was nice outside…”

Actually nobody in the room felt like working out!



22 march2



22 march2
I kept thinking about this during and after the training session.

In every single moment, in all situations in our lives we can decide for ourselves.

1) Do I listen to my own excuses or even others’ excuses?


2) Do I listen to my willpower?

What is here the key take away?

You are not alone when you don’t feel like doing something!

That room had most of the time 10-12 participants. On that very hot day, only 5 people showed up. Funny enough, the most trained ones physically….

Most top sporters DO NOT FEEL LIKE getting up early and sacrifice a lot from their free times.
BUT they have a VISION to fight for. A goal. A purpose. A commitment. Something that tells them in the last moment: “Listen to your willpower and not to your excuses.” Something that makes them move.

Same applies to businesses. You need a purpose or (1) vision to look at and refer to in the most difficult moments. You need a (2) commitment to do it and (3) willpower to execute it. With 2 and 3 only you are just a dreamer! A dreamer of being slim, having an MBA, making money, getting promotions etc. etc. The list if extensive.

1) Have a vision. Be clear what you want. If you do not know yet. Keep looking till you feel. “This is it”. Its ok to feel lost from time to time.

2) Make a commitment to yourself. You may even share it with others…..

3) Choose to listen to your WILLPOWER and not to EXCUSES. Remember, its often not about “feeling like” at the beginning.  We had a great work out and we felt all glad we choose to join the gym instead of choosing the sofa bed!

Thank you for reading this.

With Vision, Commitment and Willpower… you get a really unbeatable combination.


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